''The GoPhoto - DSLR camera app will only run on Android devices with internet access''

Download the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app:

''Make sure you have a Gmail account to be able to login to the Google Playstore'' 

Option 1:

  • Open the Google Playstore on your Android device. 

  • Search for "GoPhoto" 

  • Download the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app.

Option 2:

Open this article with your Android device and click the Google Play button below.

Option 3:

Scan this QR code with your Android device.

Set up the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app: 

After completing the download you can set up the app and connect it with your DSLR camera. Log in to the app using the pincode provided in your GoPhoto - CMS.

Learn how to connect your Android device with your DSLR camera

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