How to set up your Photo Website

Where your visitors can browse, share and buy their photos

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After your campaign has been created, you can continue setting up your GoPhoto - Photo Website. On this website your visitors can browse, share and buy their photos.

Click 'Photo Website' in the sidebar of the CMS. There is already a 'default' theme set.

To start customizing your own Photo Website click the blue button that says 'Add website theme'.

A new theme with the name 'General' will show up. To start customizing your theme, click the 'pencil' icon on the right. At the top you'll see a field where you can rename your theme.

Now you can customize the following:

  • General settings: Header, Logo, Text, Button, Background and Sidebar

  • Webshop

  • Share and download

  • SEO

The header is a small line at the top (left). By changing the color you can make it more suitable to the look-and-feel of your location. You can choose a header color by selecting one from the color field, or you can fill in a color code.

When using PhotoPasses at your location, your visitors login to your Photo Website by entering their photo code and email address.

The Photo Website looks like the image below:

When using Face Search, your visitors will login by entering their email address and taking a selfie.

The Photo Website looks like the photos below:

''On the left you see the web browser version as it shows on computer, on the right you see the mobile version''

After you set the color of the header, you can proceed by adding your logo. The logo is always located underneath the header as you can see in the images above.
Please note that the file needs to be a .JPG or .PNG file.

"Drag & drop the right file in the field or browse through
your files by clicking 'Browse' "


After your logo has been added you can proceed to set the text. There are multiple options to set such as, font color, font style, language, heading 1, heading 2, heading 3 and you can add multiple languages.

You can choose from thirteen different font styles to make sure it matches your location best. At the moment we have 4 languages to add. These languages are Dutch, English, Hebrew and Japanese. You can add a language by selecting one on the bottom (see image below). Please make sure to also add text when adding a language. You can choose yourself if you'd like to add 1, 2 or 3 headings.

When using Face Search you'll see that there is a second 'Heading 2' (see image below). Make sure to fill in both of the heading 2 fields.


When setting the button you can choose the color you want the button itself to have and the color of the text inside this button. Again you can choose a color by selecting one from the color field, or you can fill in a color code.

Background and sidebar

When setting the background you can add a photo that suits your location. Make sure you upload a .JPG of .PNG file.

You can also set the color of the side bar. If you don't set this color it will automatically be white. Just select the circle in front of 'color' or 'image' to set it.

When visiting your Photo Website with a mobile phone the background image will disappear. The color you choose for the sidebar will be the background color.


The webshop feature will automatically be enabled. If you prefer to disable this option just click the box in front of 'Webshop enabled'.

Share and download

When visiting your Photo Website, visitors can view their photos and share them online with friends and family. You can enable three share buttons. These buttons are for Facebook, Twitter and mail. These share options appear underneath the photo as you can see in the image below.


At the bottom of the page you see the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings. Fill in the field to get a better Google rating: Website title, Description, Keywords and Google Analytics ID.

It is always possible to change the title of your Photo Website. Just fill in a different name in the field 'Website title' and click 'Save'.

While setting up your Photo Website you have the possibility to preview the preffered settings. On the right top there is a button called 'Preview your Photo Website'. After changing a setting, just click 'Save' at the right bottom and click 'Preview your Photo Website' to get a preview.

The URL of your Photo Website which you can communicate to your visitors, can be found on the right side of the line called 'General settings'.

"Make sure to click 'Save' on the right bottom after setting up your Photo Website''

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