Set up your GoPhoto - Order Kiosk

Customize and set up your GoPhoto - Order Kiosk

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When you have chosen for the 'Pro' or 'Premium' plan for your location, your plan includes the 'Printing - Self Service' feature. In this article you'll read everything about customizing and managing your Order Kiosk settings.


The first setting to manage is setting up a theme for your Order Kiosk. There is always a default theme set up. To adjust the theme to match the look-and-feel of your location you click the 'pencil' icon at the end of the line. Now a field opens and you can set the different settings.


For the background you can choose between two options, a color or an image that suits your location. If you'd like to set an image as background you can click the 'browse' button to browse between your files and upload a file.

When setting one of the two options make sure to select the circle that's in front of 'background' or 'image'.


You can set two different colors, the first one is the primary color of your Order Kiosk and the second one is the button color. You can set up the colors by selecting a color from the color field or by adding a color code.

In the screenshots below you can see where your primary color and button color will be visible.


When adding a logo make sure to add a .PNG or .JPG file with a minimum of 990x240 pixels. The logo will be visible in the start screen of the app.

You can drag and drop a file or browse through your files by clicking 'Browse'.


When adding a banner make sure to add a .PNG, .JPG or .SVG file with a minimum of 990x240 pixels. The banner shows your special offer and is visible in the gallery screen of the app.


You can set the payment methods to card, cash and / or prepaid.


At the moment you can select 2 languages for your Order Kiosk. There are 10 languages to choose from. When selecting a language you click 'add' and fill in the 2 lines of text you want to show to let your visitors know what they need to do after they ordered and payed for their printed photos.

''Don't forget to click 'Save' after setting up your Order Kiosk theme''


In the next tab you can manage which products your visitors can order on your Order Station.

To add a product you click the 'Add product' button. You can choose from 2 printing sizes, 6x4'' (10x15cm) and 6x8'' (20x15cm). After selecting the size you can select a photo product to add.

The following products are available:

  • Photo Frame - Small (6x4'')

  • Keyring and magnet (6x4'')

  • Postcard frame (6x4'')

  • Snowflake ornament (6x4'')

  • Photo Frame - Large (6x8'')

  • Glass Frame (6x8'')

When selecting a product you can set the product settings and product description. There are always an image and description set up already but if you'd like you can adjust this. Last but not least, you set the price for the product.


The third tab allows you to set a promotion deal that will be used on your Order Station. You can add a promotion by clicking 'Add promotion'. You fill in the promotion name and the amount and discount your visitors will get when spending this amount. You can set multiple promotion deals but you can only activate 1 on your Order Kiosk. By clicking the circle in front of the promotion you active it in the app.

Click here for an instruction video on how to set your Order Station settings.

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