When you have chosen for the 'Pro' or 'Premium' plan for your location, your plan includes the GoPhoto - Print Kiosk feature. In this article you'll read everything about downloading the Print Kiosk app, and customizing your Print Kiosk.

Before starting to customize your Print Kiosk you'll have to download the GoPhoto - Print Kiosk app. This can be easily done through your GoPhoto - CMS.

To download the Print Kiosk app you'll have to go to the Print Kiosk settings. They can be found under 'Printing' in the sidebar of the CMS.

To download the app to your Windows computer or tablet just click on the version you see next to 'Download Print Kiosk Software'.

When you have downloaded the Print Kiosk app you can start customizing the Print Kiosk settings. To do so first click on 'Add Print Kiosk settings'. Now click the 'pencil' icon on the right of the line.

After clicking the 'pencil' icon a field opens and you'll first see the general settings. The general settings are the colors, logo and background of your Print Kiosk.

General settings


You can set two different colors, the first one is the primary color of your Print Kiosk and the second one is the button color. You can set up the colors by selecting a color from the color field or by adding a color code.

In the screenshots below you can see where your primary color and button color will be visible.

In the screenshots below you can see that the primary color is the light blue color that is on top of the white square in the start screen, or that's on top of the app in the other screens. The button color is the orange color visible in all the touchscreen buttons of the app.

When adding a logo make sure to add a .PNG file. The logo will be visible in every screen of the app. In the start screen it's positioned in the top middle of the app. In the other screens it's positioned at the left top of the app (see screenshots above).

You can drag and drop a file or browse through your files by clicking 'Browse'.


For the background you can choose between two options, a color or an image that suits your location. If you'd like to set an image as background you can click the 'browse' button to browse between your files and upload a file.

When setting one of the two options make sure to select the circle that's in front of 'background' or 'image'.


Default view

There are four options on which you can set up the default view of your Print Kiosk. The default view is the screen that you'll see after logging in to your Print Kiosk. You can set this view to 'Scanning', 'Photo code', 'Preview mode' or 'Face Search'.

When you choose the option 'Scanning' your visitors will have to scan their GoPhoto - PhotoPass at your Print Kiosk in order to see their photos.

When you choose 'Photo code', your visitors will have to manually fill in their photo code on the screen to see their photos.

When choosing 'Preview mode', all last taken photos are visible on the screen and visitors can browse between them to find their photos (this option can be used when you don't use GoPhoto - PhotoPasses at your location).

Last but not least we have the default view 'Face Search'. When you use this feature your visitors take a selfie at your Print Kiosk to find their photos. When you want to use this feature you have to make sure that you first enable it in your CMS.

Printing mode

For the printing mode of your Print Kiosk you can choose between two options, 'printing with assistance' and 'free printing'.

When you choose for 'printing with assistance' your visitors can't print their photos themselves. Your staff will first have to go into the 'supermode' of the app (this is done by tapping a hidden button) to be able to print photos.

You can also let your visitors print photos themselves. When you want this for your location you can set the printing mode to 'free printing'.

Underneath the option to set the printing mode, you will see the option 'sending photo via mail'. This is a feature that is not available yet.

Printing options

If you'd like you have the option to print a branded photo or to print a photo code on the photo. Printing branded photos can be useful when you print photos at an event and you want to do some advertisement for your business.

When you don't want to use PhotoPasses at your location to communicate a photo code to your visitors you can select the option 'Generate photo code when printing'. When the photo is printed it will have a photo code at the right lower corner. With this photo code your visitors can also login to your GoPhoto - Photo Website and view and share their digital photos.

Printing formats

There are three different printing formats to choose from: Small format, Large format and Keyring & Magnet. If you want to be able to print a keyring and magnet, make sure you have selected the keyring and magnet template in the photo settings.

When you have chosen the formats you want to print at your Print Kiosk you see the option 'Overcoat' underneath. This will determine the coating of the photos you print. You can set this option to glossy, matte or luster. Matte and luster options are only available when you print with a DNP or Citizen printer.

''When you are done customizing the different settings please do not forget to click 'Save' at the right bottom and to activate the settings''

Click here for an instruction video on how to set your Print Kiosk settings

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