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You have successfully installed the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app and now you are ready to shoot, share and sell your photos. Here we’ll explain you the process through the visitor journey. At GoPhoto we call it the ‘visitor flow’:

Step 1. Invite your visitors
Invite your visitors to shoot their photo. Place them in front of your setting or green screen. 

''When using the Face Search technology you skip step 2 and proceed with step 3''

Step 2. Scan a GoPhoto - PhotoPass
Scan a PhotoPass with the Android device or use a handheld bluetooth scanner. Scan a PhotoPass for every visitor to take with them.

Step 3. Shoot photos
Tap the blue 'PHOTO' button to shoot the photos of your visitors.
Check your photos and when happy with them you can upload them. When using PhotoPasses you now hand over the PhotoPass to your visitor. 

Step 4. Visitors retrieve their photo
Within seconds the photos are available online. By using their personal PhotoPass or by using Face Search, visitors can view and share their photos online by going to the GoPhoto - Photo Website. 

Step 5. Print and sell your photos
By scanning their PhotoPass or by taking a selfie, visitors can browse, select and buy printed versions of their photos using the GoPhoto - Print Kiosk app at your location.

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