Changing print paper and ink roll

Step-by-step guide

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“Please remember to always change the ink roll and print paper at the same time”

Step 1. Open printer
First pull the cover towards you with the latch located at the bottom. Now pull the lid and remove the dispenser tray.

Step 2. Take out paper
Take out the paper roll holder and gently take it apart.

You will always have some print paper left.
This paper is waste and not usable for printing”

Step 3. Place new paper
Place the new paper in the holder and back in the printer and remove the sticker. Now
roll the paper in the printer until you hear a “beep”.

Step 4. Close cover
Place the dispenser tray back and close the cover of the printer.

Step 5. Replace ink roll
Take out the ink roll holder on top of the printer. Take the empty ink roll out of it's holder and replace it with a new one. There is only one way to put the ink roll in its holder, this is indicated by the sizes at the ends of the tubes.

Step 6. Close printer
Place the holder back in the printer and close the printer.

Step 7. Test prints
After this the printer will automatically print 5 empty photos.

When this is done the printer is ready to use.

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