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When using GoPhoto - PhotoPasses, you scan and hand-over this PhotoPass to your visitor after shooting photos. The PhotoPass connects the visitor to their personal photos.

QR code / photo code

A unique QR code and photo code is printed on each PhotoPass. Visitors use this PhotoPass to retrieve their photos at your locations GoPhoto - Order and Print station or at your GoPhoto - Photo Website.

To generate PhotoPasses login to the GoPhoto - CMS and select 'photo code' in the menu on the left. 

Now select 'Generate photo codes' and choose 1 out of 2 options:

Option 1. Buy your PhotoPasses in our Webshop

The first option is to order PhotoPasses in the GoPhoto webshop. The PhotoPasses will be customized by a GoPhoto designer to the look and feel of your location/event and printed on 300gr luxury paper.

Option 2. Generate PhotoPasses CSV and print locally

Download a CSV file and create a batch only with QR codes and photo codes. You can add this file to your PhotoPass design and send it all together to a printer company.

Option 3. Generate PhotoPasses PDF and print yourself

Download a PDF file and create as much PhotoPasses as you like. Print these PhotoPasses, cut them to size and hand them over to your visitors. 

"Easily test your system and use PhotoPasses for small events!"

Example of a "Generate PhotoPasses" export file (PDF)

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