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How the PhotoPass will help improve your business

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The GoPhoto - PhotoPass is one of the options to connect photos to your visitor. After scanning a PhotoPass and shooting a photo the visitor can retrieve their photos in different ways. 

On each PhotoPass you find the following information:

  • The URL of the GoPhoto - Photo Website

  • A unique photo code

  • A unique QR code

"The PhotoPass allows you to sell photos to visitors at your location's Order Station but also online after visiting the location" 

GoPhoto - Photo Website

Visitors use the PhotoPass to log in to your GoPhoto - Photo Website. Here your visitors can view, buy their photos and share them on social media. 

GoPhoto - Order Station

Visitors will also use this PhotoPass to retrieve their photos by scanning the QR code at your GoPhoto - Order Station. Thereafter visitors can buy printed versions of their photos.

''Did you know that GoPhoto also offers Face Search Technology to connect photos to your visitors?''

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