When your visitor doesn't know how to login to the GoPhoto - Photo Website please guide him/her through the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the Photo Website
Direct your visitor to your Photo Website. They can find the URL of this website on the GoPhoto - PhotoPass.

Step 2. Login
There are two ways in which your visitor can log in to the Photo Website. When you use PhotoPasses at your location, your visitor has to fill in the photo code (which can be found on the PhotoPass) and their email address. When you use Face Search at your location your visitor needs to fill in their email address and upload a selfie.

Step 3. Agree with terms
Your visitor has to click on the box to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Step 4. View photos
Your visitor will click on ‘View my photos’ and can now see their photos, share them online on social media or save them on their phone. 

“Make sure your visitor doesn’t use capitals with filling in their email address”

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