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The scanner doesn't connect - handheld bluetooth scanner (Opticon OPN-3002n)
The scanner doesn't connect - handheld bluetooth scanner (Opticon OPN-3002n)

Step-by-step guide

Written by Lara
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When you try to scan a GoPhoto - PhotoPass and you notice your scanner is not connected please follow the steps below to reconnect it.

Step 1. Check bluetooth
Check if the bluetooth option of your tablet is turned on. Is it off? Turn the bluetooth option on again and the scanner will connect automatically.

Step 2. Reconnect scanner to tablet
The connection of your scanner can be broken when the function key has been pressed for 5 seconds. To reconnect the scanner press the function key (see image below step 3) for 5 seconds. The scanner will start to blink red and will connect again to the tablet.

Step 3. Reconnect scanner to the GoPhoto - Camera app
To reconnect the scanner to the Camera app hold and press the trigger key (see image below) for 3 seconds. Above the button the light will start to blink blue.

"Depending on your settings the scanner will beep or vibrate and connects again to the GoPhoto - Camera app"

If your scanner is connected but not working properly it is broken. When this is the case you have to replace it with a new scanner.

You can order a new scanner in our webshop
Find out how to connect a new scanner to your tablet 

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