While offering support to your visitors it’s important to know what kind of questions your visitors mostly ask and what to answer to them.

Most common questions from visitors:

  • I lost my GoPhoto - PhotoPass, how can I view my photos? 

  • Where can I download my photos? 

  • Where can I find my photos? 

  • There are no photos linked to my photo code.

  • The photos linked to my photo code are not mine.

  • I don’t see all of my photos.

  • How can I login?

  • My payment on the website is being blocked. How can I make a purchase?

  • I did not receive my order, what can I do? 

Some of the questions can be easily answered by you such as ‘Where can I download my photos?, ‘Where can I find my photos?’ and ‘How can I login?’. The answer to this questions is namely ‘ (on) the Photo Website’. 

To answer other questions about losing a PhotoPass, not being able to see all the photos, how to download photos etc, you can direct your visitor to our FAQ. On this website your visitor can select the question they have, fill in the asked information and click on ‘FIND MY PHOTOS’. An email will be sent to the GoPhoto Support Team. They will handle the questions and strive to reply to your visitor within 48 hours.

Your visitor lost their PhotoPass

How can your visitor login to the GoPhoto - Photo Website

There are no photos linked to the photo code of your visitor

Your visitor can’t see all their photos

Your visitor doesn’t know where to download / find their photos

Your visitor didn’t receive their order after payment

The payment of your visitor has being blocked

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