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How to replace your handheld bluetooth scanner?
How to replace your handheld bluetooth scanner?

Connect the GoPhoto - camera app with a new handheld bluetooth scanner

Written by Lara
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When your previous scanner is broken/lost or you are going to connect a bluetooth scanner for the first time with your tablet, please follow the steps below. 

Step 1. Delete previous scanner
Delete the previous scanner at your tablet. You can do this by going to the bluetooth settings, select the OPN-3002n which is connected and press ‘forget (device)’.

Step 2. Scan bluetooth default barcode
Scan the bluetooth default barcode (QR code) at the front of the manual that matches the connection method 'HID'.  (See image below)

"You can find this manual in the box in which the scanner is delivered"

Step 3. Hold function key
Hold the function key (see image below) for 5 seconds until it bleeps and begins to flash blue. The scanner is now discoverable by the tablet.

Step 4. Search for the scanner
Go to the bluetooth function on your tablet and search for the OPN-3002n. 

Step 5. Select the scanner
Select the scanner. The name of the scanner always starts with 'OPN-3002n'.

"The number of the specific scanner you can find at the back of the scanner underneath No."

When the scanner is connected it will beep. After the scanner beeps it’s ready to use!

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