At GoPhoto we offer two different types of triggers, a cabled one and a wireless one.
In this article you can read what a trigger is, why it's useful to use a trigger and the difference between the two triggers. 

What is a trigger? 

A trigger is connected to your camera (by cable or receiver). Because the trigger is linked to the camera, you can shoot photos by pressing the (release) button of the trigger. 

Why use a trigger?

When you use a trigger to shoot photos you can mount the camera in a fixed place. A trigger is especially useful at locations where the camera is mounted in such a position that the photographer can no longer easily reach it. You can think of places as in a closet, mounted on the ceiling and such. This way you can shoot photos from positions that otherwise would not be possible. 

Another benefit of using a trigger is that the photographer doesn’t have to touch the camera. Ideal if you want to prevent vibrations and therefore blurred photos. While using a wireless trigger the photographer can even walk anywhere they want and still take photos. This way the photographer can interact more with the visitor. 

Two different types of triggers

At GoPhoto we offer two different types of triggers:

Cabled trigger - Canon remote switch RS-60E3. This trigger is attached to the camera with a cable. The length of this cable is 60 centimeters. You can extend the length of this cable by using an extension cord. The extension cord has two different length options, 2 meters and 5 meters. It’s also possible to extend the length even more by connecting different extension cords to each other. 

Wireless trigger - Hahnel Captur Transmitter Receiver Set. This trigger is a wireless trigger. It exist of a set, one receiver and one transmitter (also called the trigger). The receiver is attached to your camera by a cable and the trigger and receiver are paired with each other. Since this trigger is wireless there is no need for the photographer to stand behind or next to the camera. This means the photographer can walk around and therefore interact more with the visitor. This trigger has a range of 100 meters. 

In the articles below you can read more about what to do when your trigger doesn't work.

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