The following Canon DSLR cameras are compatible with the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app:

  • Canon 200D

  • Canon 250D

  • Canon 4000D

  • Canon 2000D

  • Canon 70D

  • Canon 77D

  • Canon 80D

  • Canon 1200D

  • Canon 1300D

  • Canon 750D

  • Canon 800D 

  • Canon 850D

  • 5D Mark IV (requires different USB)

  • 6D Mark II 

  • 7D Mark II (requires different USB)

  • 6D

  • EOS M50

We will recommend you to use the Canon 750D, 800D or 850D. 

''Note: when camera has build in WiFi, disable before use!''

Click here to find out how to upload photos to the GoPhoto - Cloud without the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app and a different type of camera than Canon

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