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How can I download a receipt?
How can I download a receipt?

Step-by-step guide

Written by Lara
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Please follow the steps below when you want to download a receipt.

Step 1. Login
Login to your GoPhoto - CMS with your credentials.

Step 2. Go to 'Orders'
Click 'E-commerce' in the menu and select 'Orders'. You see a list of all the orders made on your GoPhoto - Photo Website.

Step 3. Search order
To find a specific order, fill in all the information you know such as the order number or the date the order was placed.

Step 4. Download receipt
To download the receipt you first have to click on the 'receipt icon'. When you click this icon the receipt pops up. For download click on the download button on the bottom. 

View the video below to get an impression of this workflow

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