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How do I add, edit and delete a digital photo product?
How do I add, edit and delete a digital photo product?

Manage online photo products

Written by Lara
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Please follow the steps below if you want to add, edit or delete a digital photo product.

Step 1. Login
Login to your GoPhoto - CMS with your credentials.

Step 2. Go to 'Products'
Click 'E-commerce' in the menu and select 'Products'. You see a list of products available in the webshop of your GoPhoto - Photo Website

Step 3. Add product
To add a product click 'add product'.
To fill in all the details of the product, press the 'pencil' icon. Now you can fill in everything needed. To add the digital photo product to your webshop, don't forget to press 'Save' on the bottom of the page. 

Step 4. Edit product
When you have added a product, you can easily edit it by pressing the 'pencil icon'. It's the same button as the one you used to create the product. Make sure to always press 'Save' when you have made an adjustment.

Step 5. Delete product
To delete a digital photo product you just have to click the 'trash icon'. A pop-up will appear to ask you if you are sure you want to delete the product. By clicking 'yes' it will get deleted. 

View the workflow below to get an impression of this workflow

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