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How to add, edit or remove a photographer?
How to add, edit or remove a photographer?

Set up your photographer and start shooting photos

Written by Lara
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To add a photographer go to 'Photographers' in the menu of your GoPhoto - CMS.

Fill in email address, first name, last name and select the photo type. Choose one of the following photo types:

  • Green screen: When shooting green screen photos at your location

  • Regular: When not using a green screen at your location

Ready? Click 'Add photographer'. The new photographer will appear in the list.

In column 'PIN' you find the pincode. With this pincode the photographer can login to the GoPhoto - Camera app to start shooting photos.

"You can set up multiple photographers to one campaign"

Edit photographer

When the photographer is set up you can always change the email, first name, last name and photo type. To do so click on the 'pencil' icon. When you are done click the green check mark and your changes will be saved.

Remove photographer

If you want to remove a photographer, just click the 'trash' icon at the end of the line. A pop-up shows up if you are sure you want to delete this photographer. If so, click 'yes' and the photographer will be deleted. 

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