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How do I re-process a photo?
How do I re-process a photo?

Step-by-step guide

Written by Lara
Updated over a week ago

Please follow the steps below when you need to re-process a photo.

Step 1. Login
Login to your GoPhoto - CMS with credentials.

Step 2. Go to the photo
Click 'Photos' in the menu of your CMS and find the photo(s) that needs to be re-processed. You can search for the photo(s) by date or specific photo code(s).

Step 3. Re-process photo(s)
Open the photo that needs to re-processed. Scroll down until you see a button with 'Re-process photo'. To re-process the photo click on it. 

A pop-up shows up to ask you if you want to re-process the photo. Click 'Yes'. 

Step 4. Re-process multiple photos

You can also re-process multiple photos at once. To do this you click 'Select multiple photos' at the right top. Then select the photos that need to be re-processed. Now click 'Re-process photos' on the bottom. A pop-up shows up. Click 'Re-process photo(s)' to re-process the photos.

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