Please follow the steps below if you would like to set or change the color of the button / background of your GoPhoto - Order Kiosk app

Step 1. Login
Login to your GoPhoto - CMS with your credentials. 

Step 2. Go to 'Order Kiosk'
Go to 'Printing - Self Service' in the menu of your CMS and click on 'Order Kiosk'. You now see the Order Kiosk settings. 

Step 3. Change color(s)
To change the color(s), click on the pencil button in the line of the profile. Below 'General' you will see 'Background'.

If you'd like to change the color of your background, scroll a bit down until you see 'Background'. Here you can change the color.
To change the color of the button in the app, change the color that is set up to the color you'd like it to be.
You can also set an image for the background of your Order Kiosk. To do so select 'Image' and click 'Browse' to find the image you'd like to set.

Remember to always scroll down and click 'save' after changing the color(s). Log out of the app and login again with your pin code to make the change visible in the app. 

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