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How can I export a photoset from a selected period?
How can I export a photoset from a selected period?

Step-by-step guide

Written by Lara
Updated over a week ago

Please follow the steps below if you would like to export a photoset from your GoPhoto - CMS. 

Step 1. Login
Login to your GoPhoto - CMS with your credentials.

Step 2. Go to 'Photo Export'
Click 'Photo Export' in the menu bar of your CMS. 

Step 3. Generate export
To export a photoset first select the preferred period. You can do this in the field where it says 'Date range'.

"You can select a period of maximum 7 days"

After selecting the period you can select which type of photos you would like to export. You can choose between raw photo and branded photo. After selecting the type of photo you click on 'Generate export'. A message shows up saying the photoset is being generated and you will get a notification when ready. 

Step 4. Download photo set to desktop
When photoset is generated it shows up at the top of the list you see in the image below. You can easily download it by clicking the download icon at the end of the line. A folder with the exported photoset will get downloaded now. 

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