How do I set the green screen settings?

Set up a fore- and / or background for your photos

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When using a green screen at your location, the GoPhoto - CMS allows you to set up a back- and foreground for your photos.

You start with selecting the image aspect ratio and how you want your backgrounds to be processed. There are two options for the processing of your green screen backgrounds:

  • Single edit: Your photo's will be processed individually. Each photo will be edited with all the backgrounds created.

  • Sequence edit: Your photo's will be processed in sequence. The first photo will be edited with the first background. The second will be edited with the second background etc.

Click on 'Add another green screen' and the pencil at the end of the line to set it up.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the CMS will always have already 3 backgrounds set up for you. If you'd like to de-select them just click the box at the front of the profile. This change will automatically be saved.

After clicking 'Add another green screen' a new profile opens. Now click the pencil button at the right of the line to start adding a new green screen.

Drag and drop your back- and foreground (a foreground is optional, you can also leave this field open) into the fields. You can also upload a test photo or select 'Use last photo' to use the last photo uploaded to your campaign. A preview of your photo will appear below.

To guarantee the best quality we ask for a minimum amount of pixels for your fore- and background image. Below you can check the minimum amount of pixels, inches and centimeters for the images.

Finally you have to place the photo in your back- and / or foreground as you like it to be. Don't forget to press 'Save' when you are finished.

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