Run promotions on your e-commerce platform and/or sell high resolution photos at your location by using coupon cards. Every coupon card has his own unique code that exist of 8 digits. Visitors can purchase this coupon card at your location, or you can use this coupon card in a promotional deal to make your photography business more profitable.

You can create your own coupon cards or purchase them in our webshop. Design of the coupon card can be adjusted to your wishes.

"Please contact us to discuss the design options"

Key features

  • View the amount of coupons created, available and used

  • Search used coupons

  • Generate codes to create coupon cards


Search used coupons:

  1. Navigate to 'E-commerce' and click 'Coupons'

  2. You can now view and search coupons

  3. If you are looking for a specific code, you can enter this code in the designated field

Generate new coupon codes:

  1. Navigate to 'Generate coupons'

  2. Enter the number of codes you would like to generate

  3. Click 'Generate'

  4. The codes are being generated and will appear automatically

  5. To download the codes click the 'download' button at the end of the line

''The maximum amount of coupon codes you can generate is 15.000''

To get an impression of this workflow, view the video below

Click here for a step-by-step guide about generating coupon codes

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