Create different photographers and track their results. The GoPhoto - CMS allows you to set up multiple photographers to one campaign. All photographers get their own pincode to login to the GoPhoto - Camera app.

Key features

  • Create different photographers to track their results

  • Edit personal details and authorizations from your photographer


To add, edit or remove a photographer from your campaign follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Photographers'

  2. Fill in an email address, first name, last name and select the photo type

  3. Click 'Add photographer'

  4. Click the 'pencil' button to edit the photographer

  5. To delete a photographer from your campaign, click the 'trash' button

Click here for a guide how to add a photographer

Click here to find out how to set different kind of photos your photographer can shoot

Click here to find out where to find your photographer's pincode

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