Enable Face Search to privately deliver captured memories to your visitors. All photos uploaded to the GoPhoto Cloud are real-time available to view online or print at your location. Our Face Search software opens the door to a new era of photo distributing.

This technology makes it possible to share captured memories with visitors without a GoPhoto - PhotoPass "hand-over moment", so totally Covid-19 proof.

"No personal data will be stored to ensure your visitor's privacy"

How does it work?

  1. Shoot photos from visitor

  2. Upload these photos to the GoPhoto - Cloud

  3. Provide visitor with a link to your Photo Website

  4. Visitor takes a selfie and starts photo search on the Photo Website

  5. Our Face Search technology automatically filters photos taken from visitor

  6. Visitor can view, share and buy his/her photos

Click here to find out how to enable Face Search in your CMS

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