By adding a photo overlay you can brand your photos to the look-and-feel of your business. The overlay will be visible on the digital versions of your photos.

Key features

  • Brand your digital photos


To set an overlay follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' and click 'Photo settings'

  2. Navigate to 'Overlay & watermark'

  3. Choose your aspect ratio

  4. Click 'Add new overlay' and click the 'pencil'

  5. Drag and drop or browse your file

  6. Click 'Save'

  7. Select the overlay to activate it in your campaign

To set a watermark follow these steps:

  1. Click 'Add new watermark' and click the 'pencil' button

  2. Click 'Browse' and select your watermark

  3. Choose the scale, opacity and position

  4. 'Click 'Save'

  5. Select the watermark to activate it in your campaign

To get an impression of this workflow view the video below

Click here to get a detailed explanation about setting an overlay and watermark

Click here if you want to add multiple overlays and / or watermarks

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