When using a green screen at your location, the GoPhoto - CMS allows you to set up a back- and foreground for your photos.

''Adding a foreground is optional, you can also leave this open''

To set your green screen settings follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Photo settings' and select 'Green screen'

  2. Select the aspect ratio of the photos you will upload

  3. Click 'Add another green screen' and click the 'pencil' icon

  4. Upload a background and a foreground

  5. Upload a test photo or select 'Use last photo' to preview the result

  6. Drag your photo into the right position and scale/rotate if necessary

  7. Click 'Save' and select the composition to activate it

To get an impression of this workflow view the video below

Click here for a detailed explanation how to set the green screen settings

Click here to see how to change the position of your green screen photo in the background

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