Step 1. Login

Login to the GoPhoto - CMS with your credentials.

Step 2. Go to Photo Website

Navigate to 'Settings' and click 'Photo Website'.

Step 3. Add language

Click the 'pencil' button to edit your Photo Website's theme. Scroll down until you see 'Text'. To add a language to your Photo Website select a language next to 'Add language'. The languages that can be added at the moment are: English, Dutch, Hebrew, Japanese and Portugese. After selecting the language fill in the heading fields. When you are done, scroll down and click 'Save' to add the language.

''Want to have another language added? Please contact the Support Team to discuss the options''

Step 4. Delete language

To delete a language from your Photo Website, click the little 'x' that you see next to the language. Click 'yes' in the pop-up that shows up to delete the language from your Photo Website.

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