With our Auto-capture camera app, visitors can take their photos by simply scanning a GoPhoto - PhotoPass. No staff needed. After the photo is taken, visitors can instantly view, share and buy these photos on the GoPhoto - Photo Website.


''Note: The PhotoPass can be re-used to add multiple photos at the same or different camera installations''

Key features

  • Visitors can take their own photos by simply scanning a PhotoPass

  • Photos are automatically uploaded to the GoPhoto Cloud

  • Within seconds visitors can view, share and buy their photos online on the Photo Website

  • Optional: Install a GoPhoto - Order and Print Station to sell printed photos at your location

How does it work?

  1. Visitor is provided with a PhotoPass/Wristband

  2. PhotoPass is scanned to start countdown

  3. Countdown will start (3,2,1... SMILE)

  4. Camera takes photo

  5. App will automatically upload the photo to the GoPhoto - Cloud

  6. All incoming photos are edited with watermark and/or branding

  7. Visitors can go to the Photo Website by using their PhotoPass

  8. Visitors can use the PhotoPass at the Order Station to view and buy their printed photo(s)

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