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How to shut down the Capture Tower

End of day workflow - Shut down the Capture Tower

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  1. Go to settings page.

  2. Log out of app.

  3. Turn Capture Tower off.

  4. Optional: Charge the Bluetooth handscanner.


Step 1. Go to 'HOME'

  • Double tap in the top center of the app to go to the home screen.

  • Check if the upload queue is empty. If not, press the 'reload' icon to upload the photos. Wait until you see the green checkmark which indicates that your photos are uploaded.

Step 2. Log out of app.

  • Press 'LOGOUT' at the right top of the app.

  • Press 'OK' in the message that shows up.

Step 3. Turn Capture Tower off.

  • Turn the Capture Tower off, using the power button on the back.

''When using a Bluetooth handscanner continue to step 4''

Step 4. Charge the Bluetooth handscanner.

  • Place the handscanner in the charger. When charging properly, the handscanner will beep / vibrate and a red light appears.


Having problems shutting down your Capture Tower? Please contact the GoPhoto Support Team via chat

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