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Check the contents of the flight case before unpacking

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This article explains how to unpack the Capture Tower from its flight case.

It's important to check whether all parts are present. You should have the following parts in the flight case:

  • Capture Tower casing - This casing should contain:

    • 2x Tablet

    • PhotoPass scanner - Opticon M11

    • LED light

    • USB Hub with USB drive

    • Canon coupler -

    • Cabled trigger - Canon Remote Switch

    • Manfrotto ball head

    • USB A - USB micro cable

  • Travel case - This case should contain:

    • Canon DSLR camera + lens

    • Handheld PhotoPass scanner - Opticon

    • Godox transmitter

    • Godox remote

    • Keys for Capture Tower casing

    • Screws for pin terminal

  • 3x Godox continuous lights

  • 3x Godox flash lights

  • 2x Godox reflector (small)

  • 1x Godox reflector (big)

  • 2x Caruba tripod

  • 2x spigot plate

  • 2x Flashlight softbox

  • Flashlight umbrella

  • Godox protective cap

  • 4x C13 power cord

  • 3x C13 - C14 cord

  • Tie wraps

  • Tools

  • 4x Travel plugs

When unpacking the Capture Tower and its parts from the flight case you follow the steps below.

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