Once in a while the DSLR camera of your GoPhoto - Capture Tower needs to be replaced. To do so follow the steps below:

Step 1. Disconnect cables

Open the Capture Tower at the back to be able to reach the camera. Disconnect the USB mini cable from the camera and disconnect the trigger cable.

Step 2. Take out camera

Pull the black handle down and the grey handle towards you to disconnect the the camera from the ball head.

Step 3. Take out battery and flash trigger

Open the battery cover and remove the battery from the camera.

Step 4. Take off lens and ball head plate

Use the button next to the lens to disconnect the lens from the camera. Now unscrew the ball head plate from the bottom of the camera.

Step 5. Prepare new camera

Connect the lens to the camera and put the ball head plate on the new camera. Now put the battery into the cable.

Step 5. Install settings camera

Turn on the camera with the on / off switch on top. Now set all settings. You can use the old camera to take over the settings.

Step 6. Put the lens back

Get the lens and put it on the camera. Make sure the lens and the mirror in the camera are free of dust.

Step 7. Place camera on ball head

Now place the camera back on it's ball head and reconnect all cables and the flash trigger.

Step 8. Make test photo

Make a test photo and check it in your GoPhoto - CMS to make sure everything is set up as it should.

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