Workflow how to sell photos with the GoPhoto - Order & Print Station.


  1. Actively approach visitors and guide them to the Order Station

  2. Pack the photos that are printed from the Print Station

  3. Give photo(s) to visitor(s)


Step 1. Assist visitors in viewing their photos

  • Show visitor(s) where to scan PhotoPass.

  • Explain pricing and the Special Offer.

  • Show visitor(s) that there are different backgrounds to choose from.

Step 2. Pack the photos that are printed from the Print Station

  • All incoming orders that are paid by card will be printed directly.

  • Pack the photos, make sure to keep the receipt.

❗ 'When working with pre-paid orders: all orders that are pre-paid first need to be checked, they won't print automatically. Ask visitor for their PhotoPass, find their order in the pending list on the Print Kiosk and click 'Check Order'. Then check their ticket to see if they indeed purchased it online and press 'Confirm.''

Step 3. Give photo(s) to visitor(s)

  • When visitors come to collect their photos, ask for their PhotoPass. The photo code on the PhotoPass matches the code on their receipt.

  • Handover the photos and explain that they can find their digital copies using the PhotoPass.

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