The GoPhoto - CMS allows you to add different products and promotions to your Order Kiosk and view all Order Stations.

Key features

  • Select and add the products you'd like to sell at your location

  • Set promotion deals that run on your Order Kiosk

  • View a list of all Order Stations at your location


To add products and promotions to your Order Kiosk and view connected Order Stations follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to 'Printing - Self Service', click 'Order Kiosk' and click 'Products'

  2. Click 'Add product'

  3. Select size and select product

  4. Upload a product image or use standard image

  5. Set pricing

  6. Click 'Save'

  7. Click ' Promotions' and click 'Add promotion'

  8. Set promotion name

  9. Set the amount your visitors need to spend and the discount they get when spending this amount

  10. Click 'Save' and select promotion

  11. Click 'Devices'

  12. By clicking the 'pencil' icon you can rename the Order Station and activate or deactivate free orders

  13. When you made changes don't forget to click 'Save'

To get an impression of this workflow view the video below

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