The GoPhoto - CMS allows you to view all Print Stations that are present at your location and set company details that show on the receipt.

Key features

  • View a list of Print Stations at your location

  • View all printers connected to your Print Station(s)

  • View available printing paper and last usage of your printers

  • Set company details to show on the receipt


To view a list of all Print Stations and their printers and to set receipt settings follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Printing - Self Service' and click 'Print Kiosk'

  2. You now see an overview of the Print Stations at your location

  3. Click the 'pencil' button to name the Print Station

  4. You can also view a list of printers connected to your Print Station, the amount of available paper and when the printer was last used

  5. Click 'Receipt' to set your company details that will show on the receipt

  6. Click 'Save'

View the video below to get an impression of this workflow

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