In this article we will show you how to connect your Android device with your DSLR camera for the first time using the GoPhoto - DSLR camera app.

To get started you will need:

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Prepare your camera
Make sure you clear the SD card of the DSLR camera before you start. In the settings menu on your DSLR camera go to 'format card'.

In the settings menu of your DSLR camera choose 'Image Quality' and set to S2. You can choose a higher quality setting but we recommend not to go higher than 'L'. 

"The higher the 'Image Quality' setting, the slower the processing of the photos."

Step 2. Switch off camera
After you cleared your SD card and set the 'image quality' correctly, you must switch off your camera again.

Step 3. Connect Android device with OTG cable
Then connect your mobile phone or tablet with an OTG cable to the DSLR camera. Log in to the app with your personal photographer pincode provided in the CMS.

"The default photographer is always 'Regular', if you'd like to shoot photos with a green screen background you will need to add a new photographer"

Step 4.  Do not "PIN' your screen
Next your Android device will “PIN” the screen. It's important that the screen is not 'PINNED' the first time.

Step 5. Switch on your DSLR camera
Turn on your DSLR camera. The app will ask you to give permission to connect with the camera. Choose the option "Always".

"Remember to always log into the app on your Android device first before
turning on your camera!"

Check out this video to learn how to connect the DSLR camera app to your DSLR camera:

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