The GoPhoto - Mobile camera app

Shoot photos and connect them to your visitors while using an Android or iOS device

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The GoPhoto - Mobile camera app allows you to shoot photos, connect them to a GoPhoto - PhotoPass and upload the photos to the cloud. Use the high quality camera of any Android/iOS device.


No Face Search Technology:

1. Scan a PhotoPass.

Both with and without Face Search Technology

2. Shoot photos.

3. Upload them to the GoPhoto - Cloud.

When using Face Search Technology:

4. Handover the PhotoPass to your visitor.

Step 1. Scan a PhotoPass.
Login to the camera app with your photographer pincode. Tap the SCAN icon shown in the menu of the camera app on the right. You will see a red scanning guideline, make sure you point the QR code from the PhotoPass to this guideline. 

When the QR code is scanned the app will return to the homepage of the camera app, where you can see the amount of QR codes scanned. 

Step 2. Shoot photos.

Tap the PHOTO icon shown in the menu of the camera app on the right. Shoot a photo and tap the check mark when satisfied. If you'd like to retake the photo tap the cross and shoot a new photo.

Step 3. Upload them to the GoPhoto Cloud.
After shooting your photos, you can check them as a preview on your screen. If you are happy with your photos, tap the UPLOAD icon in the menu on the right.

"When using Face Search you don't scan a PhotoPass, a pop-up will appear that says 'No photocode connected. Are you sure you want to upload?'. Click 'Yes, upload' in this pop-up to upload the photos without photocode''

Step 4. Handover the PhotoPass to your visitor (no Face Search Technology).

After uploading the photos, your visitors will be able to access them with the photo code visible on their PhotoPass. 

Now you can start selling printed photos at your location or/and sell high resolution versions online with the GoPhoto - Photo Website.

Check out the short video explaining the camera app when shooting photos with an Android or iOS device.


Having trouble using the Mobile Camera App? Contact our Support through the chat!

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