The GoPhoto - Photo Website is the online platform where visitors can view, share and buy their photos.

There are two options for visitors to access their photos. They can login with their email address and the photo code from their PhotoPass or use the Face Search technology, where they login by entering their email address and uploading a selfie.

Now they are able to view their photos, share them on social media or email them to friends and family. The Photo Website also offers an e-commerce platform where you can sell the high resolution photos to your visitors.

"You can easily customize the Photo Website to the look and feel of
your location or event!"

The Photo Website is fully mobile compatible and can be viewed on any mobile device with internet access.

View some examples of other client's Photo Websites here:
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Photo Website 'Mother Shipton'
Photo Website 'Johan Cruijff Arena'
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Check out this short video, explaining the Photo Website and it's features:

Click here for instructions on how to use the Photo Website while using the Face Search technology

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