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The upload icon in the camera app is red / the photos don't upload
The upload icon in the camera app is red / the photos don't upload

What to do when your upload queue icon shows red and photos are not uploading

Written by Lara
Updated over a week ago

It can happen that the GoPhoto - Camera app times out. This can happen when the tablet and Camera app were not closed down properly the evening before.

Please follow the steps below when you notice that photos are not uploading.

Step 1. Unpin the app

Unpin the app by holding the back and recent button.

Step 2. Turn WiFi off and on

Slide with your finger from the top of the screen down. The menu opens now and you see a WiFi icon. Tap on this icon to turn the WiFi off, wait a second and turn the WiFi back on again.

Continue to step 3 when the icon is still red.

Step 3. Restart the system

It's important to perform the steps in this order:

  1. Log out of the app (press on the home button in the left top corner and then press on 'logout').

  2. Close the app.

  3. Completely turn off the tablet.

  4. Turn the tablet back on.

  5. Open the app and login again.

Continue to step 4 when the icon is still red after performing the steps above.

Step 4. Check internet speed

When the wifi icon is green it doesn't have to mean that the speed of the internet is fast enough to be able to upload photos to the GoPhoto - Cloud. To check the speed of your internet connection you can use the app 'Speedtest'.

You can find this app in the Google Play store or by using this link:

When you see that the upload speed is too slow, make sure to fix it.

''When you checked all steps above but your photos still don't upload, please contact the GoPhoto Support Team via the chat in your CMS''

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