My printer is not printing photos

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Please follow the steps below when your printer is not printing photos.

Step 1. Check if printer is on

First thing to check is if your printer is on. When it's on you see green light blink on the left underneath 'POWER'. When this is not blinking, please turn on your printer with the power button on the right bottom.

When you've turned on the power button but your printer still doesn't go on, your power cable might be disconnected. You can check this on the back of the printer.

Step 2. Check amount of paper

When your printer is on but doesn't print photos, check if the printer still has paper. When the printer ran out of paper there is a red printer icon showing on the left top of the app that says 'No paper'. When this is the case follow the steps in this article.

Step 3. Check printer

Check if there is an error light blinking on the printer. This is an orange light. When this is the case open the printer, there might be paper stuck. Take out the paper roll to see if this is the case. When there is paper stuck you might have to pull out the paper a little harder. When the paper roll is out of the printer, cut off the part that was stuck and put the paper roll back. Make sure to roll the paper into the printer until you hear it 'beep'. When you don't hear a 'beep' while rolling the paper roll into the printer, continue to step 4.

Sometimes when the paper was stuck, the ink roll might be broken as well. Therefore it's also important to check the ink roll. When the ink roll is broken you can try to tape it together. When it's taped together, make sure to roll this part into the roll so the ink of that part will not be used anymore.

When you are unable to tape the ink you have to change it for a new roll of ink. When this is the case also change the paper roll.

Step 4. Turn printer off

When you have checked all steps above and your printer is still not printing photos it can help to turn the printer off. You can find the power button on the bottom right of the front of your printer. When you have turned it off, wait 1 to 2 minutes and then turn the printer on again. Now check if your paper roll and ink roll are inside the printer the right way.

''When you checked the steps above but your printer is still not printing, please contact the GoPhoto Support Team via the chat in your CMS''

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