Workflow how to start your GoPhoto - Capture Tower at the start of the day.


  1. Turn on Capture Tower

  2. Start the GoPhoto Capture app

    1. Connect Bluetooth handscanner with the app

  3. Turn on lights / flashes

  4. Open slideshow app

  5. Take test photo

  6. Check test photo

Step 1. Turn on Capture Tower

  • Turn on the Capture Tower with the power button at the back of the tower. The button is located underneath the power cord.

Step 2. Start GoPhoto app

  • Open the GoPhoto - Capture app and login with your photographer pin code.

  • Press 'Got it' in the message that shows to pin the app.

''When using a Bluetooth handscanner continue to step 2a. If not continue to step 3''

Step 2a. Connect Bluetooth handscanner with the app

  • Take the handscanner from the charger and connect it to the app by pressing and holding the big button until the device starts to buzz / beep and the Bluetooth icon in the Capture app turns from red to green.

Step 3. Turn on lights / flashes

  • Turn on all lights and / or flashes with the remote.

  • Turn on flash trigger with the switch on the right side.

Step 4. Open slideshow app

  • Open the slideshow app on the back tablet of the Capture Tower.

Step 5. Take test photo 📸

  • Scan a PhotoPass and take a test photo.

Step 6. Check test photo

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''Unable to find the solution to your problem?
Please contact the GoPhoto Support Team via chat''

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