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How to unpack and install the GoPhoto - Capture Tower?
How to unpack and install the GoPhoto - Capture Tower?

Unpack the GoPhoto - Capture Tower from its flight case

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Click here to view a checklist of all parts that should be present in the flight case. (LINK INVOEGEN).

Workflow how to unpack the GoPhoto - Capture Tower and its parts.


  1. Checklist

  2. Remove Capture Tower from flight case

  3. Get black case

  4. Put camera in place

  5. Turn Capture Tower on

  6. Connect to WiFi network

  7. Take test photo ๐Ÿ“ธ

  8. Open slideshow app


Step 1. Remove Capture Tower from flight case

Take the Capture Tower out of the flight case and position it in front of the green screen.

Step 2. Get black case

Take the case from the flight case to get the Capture Tower keys. Now open the Capture Tower.

Step 3. Put camera in place

Take the Canon camera and plug in the coupler (you find the coupler inside the Capture Tower). Now connect the cable of the trigger (Canon Remote Switch). Finally connect the USB micro cable. When all is connected properly, place the camera on the ball head inside the Capture Tower. Go to the front of the Capture Tower to remove the lens cap from the camera.

Step 4. Turn Capture Tower on

Plug the power cable into the socket. Turn the Capture Tower on using the green power switch on the back of the tower.

Step 5. Connect to WiFi network

Open the settings on the front tablet of the Capture Tower and go to WiFi settings. Select the correct WiFi network and connect to it.

Step 6. Take test photo ๐Ÿ“ธ

Open the GoPhoto - Capture app and login with your photographer pincode. Get a PhotoPass, scan it and take a test photo. (WORKFLOW ARTICLE INVOEGEN)

Step 7. Open slideshow app

Open the GoPhoto - Slideshow app on the back tablet.

โžก๏ธ Continue to this article to install the correct camera and light settings. (LINK INVOEGEN)

''After unpacking the Capture Tower there will be a case leftover in the flight case. This case contains all spare parts that's needed for the Capture Tower and can be left inside the flight case''

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