Follow the steps below when the GoPhoto - Capture app gives the notification 'Camera not responding. Turn off/on camera and try again'.

Step 1. Open Capture Tower

Open the tower with the provided keys.

Step 2. Turn camera off and on

Now manually turn your camera off and on again. You can find the on / off switch on the right top of your camera (see image below). To turn the camera off you pull the switch to the back. To turn it on again push the switch forward.

❗ Be careful that you don't push the switch all the way forward, you then put your camera in video mode.

When you don't have quick access to the keys to open your camera tower you can also turn the whole system off and then on again. This takes a little more time since you have to wait until the system starts up again and login to the Capture app.

''Always make sure there is something in the frame of the photo. This notification shows up when the camera doesn't have a focus point. When you always have a visitor in frame when taking a photo this notification will not show''

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